Welcome to “My Life, My Rules”.

For a while now I was thinking of starting a blog and finally it is done. I am going to write about what happens is my life, the journeys and goals. About what motivates me, what makes me happy and what makes me sad. Anything at all really. There is no specific theme to that blog, and it will probably evolve as the time goes by…

Name is Anna. Living the dream on the Emerald Island. Moved here when I was 18. I am 31 now, and I have noticed that a lot of things have changed and I myself have changed after turning 30, so I will definitely write about that. I have 5 year old daughter, so there will be posts about being a mother and trying not to lose it altogether and remain sane (although I have to admit that Universe spared us and our daughter is a little angel … so far). I am married, so I will talk about relationship. I am working on losing weight and finally get that dream beach body that I had when I was 18, so there will be a lot of talks about nutrition, exercise, struggles and wins. And I am sure there are going to be other topics as well. The aim is to keep it simple and as honest as possible, cause if I am not honest here, then what’s the point in telling my stories at all really???

I truly hope that some people might identify themselves in my stories and maybe find motivation and inspiration…

Thank you for reading.




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