Week 10: getting back the power or the importance of rest.


I was right! I wasn’t completely lost. This anomaly last week was nothing else but just a “bad week” or should I say “rest” week. I woke up on Monday, after a week of bad eating and lazy afternoons,  feeling fresh and enthusiastic again, ready to face any challenges.

My body and mind needed a break. And because I wasn’t savvy enough to give myself that time to rest, my body took over and did it without me realizing it. I was going full on for 8 weeks and now I just needed to slow down for a few days in order to be able to keep going even longer.

Like everything, your body and mind need to recharge. Unless you are a superhero with a very fancy cape or an addict, you can’t keep going non-stop (although, I am sure even superheroes sleep). Trees lose their leaves in autumn to get a break and bloom again in spring. Bears fall asleep for winter time. Every evening you go to bed in order for your body to regenerate. You plug in your phone every night to charge the battery. Even your fridge has to be defrosted every now and again to make sure it keeps working. Everything needs maintenance and time to rest. So does your body and mind.

It is extremely tiring to constantly be at the top of your game (and I am not even starting on everyday life, I am only talking about nutrition and exercise at the moment). So, don’t feel bad about giving yourself a break. You need to take care of yourself and your body, because you only have the whole life still to live. Maybe, I did overdo it with bad eating, but that only came because I didn’t realize what was going on. If I give myself that time to recharge every now and then I would be much more calm and smart about it. And more prepared.

Your body needs energy to run, lift, pump, whatever it is you are doing. Your stomach needs time to digest. Take care of your body and don’t over-stress it or overtire it. You need it, you need the energy. And give your brain a rest (even if it means binge watching LoveIsland). Your brain is a very powerful part of your body and the most important one when is comes to losing weight and not giving up. Without it on your side, you are not going to succeed.

Rule #7:

You can’t keep going all the time. Give yourself time to rest every now and again.


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