Am I hitting the slump and losing focus?


Week 9 of “My fitness journey”. Here I am, sitting on the couch at 9 o’clock in the evening finishing the packet of salted pistachios, starting to shake with the thought that tomorrow is my PT session and he is more than likely going to weigh me and measure me. Getting nervous and almost nauseous, trying to spasmodically come up with an excuse that I can give my trainer tomorrow, as to “What the hell happened?”. All this is because I did f*ck all for the last week. Starting with a major night out on Saturday followed by “eat what you want and add a few drinks” evening meal plans. Did I mention I didn’t even show my face in the gym???

That is one week gone, never to be seen again. I didn’t even have enough courage to stand on the weighing scale and glance at the damage. I probably have undone maybe not all, but at least a very big chunk of all that good work I have done in the past 8 weeks. Why??? I thought I was doing so well.

The fear of going to that PT session is so big I am looking for excuses to cancel it. But I can’t, I’ve already cancelled one on Monday, because I was too hangovered and sluggish to even pack my training stuff, never mind actually facing sumo squats and plank. So what can I do??? (thinking while mindlessly walking to the fridge to see if there is any hummus left)

The truth is, NOTHING! I just have to suck it up, admit that the major night out left me in this position and go to PT. Stand on that scale and see, what you have done. But that look on his face! Besides the fact that I did let myself down, I have a feeling that I have let my Trainer down.

It is week nine and I am struggling in keeping up the nutrition and exercising. I mean really struggling. I don’t think night out is the only thing to blame. Something went off the track. I thought, after a few weeks I will do everything on the autopilot, not even think of not going to the gym, or having extra snack. But I am struggling. I am really struggling. Maybe, I let my goal slip off sight a little bit??? Maybe, I need to reprogram my mindset again and put it back on the right path? Maybe, I lost focus?

Or maybe it is normal??? Can you keep going all the time or are you allowed “sluggish” weeks from time to time? I guess, I am not making a temporary change for a few weeks until I lose weight, I am making a life-long change, the way I live. I can’t expect myself to go on full speed for my whole life, that wouldn’t be possible (unless you have unlimited supply of cocaine, but then your life won’t be that long anyway)… So, it’s ok to “hit the slump” from time to time. Give yourself a break, and then get back into it.

Rule #6:

If you lost focus, just re-focus…



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