Every day is a school day…

Learn your lesson

It’s almost seven weeks since I’ve started “My fitness journey”. With a heavy heart I have to say that I got a bit too relaxed. After taking my “before” and “after” pictures that have 6 weeks between them, and after seeing some pretty good results, after people praising me, tapping my shoulder, saying “Good Job! Wow! That’s amazing progress!” I got on my high horse, I guess, and got a bit too relaxed about the diet.

Friday evening I rewarded myself with a few drinks. Now, what happens when you have a few drinks? That’s right, you start nibbling on snacks that are in the fridge. So, this is exactly what happened to me.

The sun was shining on Saturday, which doesn’t happen that often in Ireland, so we learned to appreciate days like that, drop everything and try to enjoy these rare occasions as much as we can. So a friend called over in the evening, we lit up the barbecue, got some beer from the fridge and sat all evening, chillin’ with a bottle of beer in one hand and grilled pork sausage in another hand. How is that for a meal plan, huh? But sure, have you seen the progress that I made for the last six weeks? It’s HUGE!!! So, nothing is going to happen if I indulge myself in a couple of bottles of beer and a few goodies from the bbq. And so I kept thinking for about 5 hours that evening.

Sunday morning, sun is still shining so after the breakfast we are off to the beach. But, we are going to be there for a good few hours, so just need to drop into the shop to get something for the picnic, make sure my child is not starving while we are all sunbathing. Strawberries, grapes, bread sticks with cheese, crisps, juice, pancakes (cause she loves them). I am not going to eat any of that, it’s all for children. But… there is always a “but”. Fresh air, especially fresh, salty air makes you hungry. I’ll just have one strawberry, well… maybe two.. Ok, maybe another one. Hmm, I think I need something more savory, I’ll just have one packet of crisps, surely just one won’t hurt. And I keep snacking, and once you get into the momentum, you can’t stop. I’d say the only thing that can stop me nibbling, when food is in front of me, is falling asleep. And so it goes on, and on, and on.

Next morning I wake up ready to go back to my normal routine with the exercise and the meal plan. Get on the scale knowing that I did so well and surely, that weekend didn’t mean anything. And… I find out that not only I haven’t lost anything but I also gained 1.5 pounds. Shocker!!! How did that happen??? Well, I’ll tell you how that happened. I didn’t stick to my plan. By relaxing that much this weekend I outdid all the good and hard work done during the week… All the sweat in the gym went into the space, not giving any results. Yes, it’s ok to treat yourself every now and again, but, I am sure, it means just one meal and not the whole flippin’ weekend!

Am I going back to feeling like a failure again? At the start, yes. This first initial moment when I see the scale I start panicking. But I grew to take everything as a lesson. So, what am I learning here? That I need to be just a little bit more in control. If you know you are going to have a barbecue, get the turkey burger instead of sausages, get plenty of veggies, try to control the amount of food that you have. It’s easy to “socially eat” when others are eating, but you are not even hungry. Do you really want to have more food? Are you even hungry? If you know, you won’t be able to resist, then just don’t buy it.

If you had one “bad” weekend it’s not the end of the world and you are NOT a failure, you’ve just learned that you can’t have “weekends off” cause you are not going to make any progress. What you can do, is to take it all in and get back into your routine on Monday. When the weekend comes again, remember what happened, remember how you felt, right a note to yourself and be smarter.

Rule #3

If you have slipped, you are not a failure as long as you learn something. It’s not a mistake, it’s a lesson. That way you will never lose, but always win.




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