Let the journey begin…

Let the journey begin

Hello there, all the beautiful people!!!

I guess the time has finally come when I actually stepped over myself and started writing my first post. I had the page set up about a year ago, and it took me the full year to actually write the first few lines (don’t even ask how long did it take me to set up the page itself). Why? To be honest, I have no idea… Maybe, it’s the fact that I always found excuses, something more “important” to do. Maybe, because I was just afraid that people will judge if I decide to write. Maybe, because I didn’t really have anything in particular to write about, always thinking that I have to get on a certain path, find a certain niche and then start sharing all this very “useful” information with the world. I thought, I had to be an expert in a certain area to have a right to run my own blog. Maybe, I was just waiting for the right time… Whatever it may be, for some strange reason I am ready now. I am sitting in front of my screen and it’s finally happening.

Straight away I want to make it clear that I am just an ordinary person (although I think that we all are extraordinary and unique in our own ways). What I mean is, I am not an expert, I have no qualifications to give advises of any sort. I am a 31 year old mother/wife/daughter/friend/co-worker/human being trying to live and enjoy life as much as I can. I am going to write about my thoughts, my ventures, my journeys, happy and sad moments, anything really that happens in my life and I think might happen in lives of others. I hope that some people might recognize themselves in my stories and, maybe, feel a bit more motivated or a bit less lonely. I love to read and I love to write. This blog has no structure to it as of yet, and I am just going to allow it to live it’s own life for the time being, writing about topics that float into my mind and if any of you would find it interesting, beneficial or just not awful and boring, I will be over the moon.

I would really appreciate your opinion, comments and interaction.

So, let’s begin the journey…


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